Boris Johnson said "a lot of nonsense." No. 10 lockdown parties were discussed

Boris Johnson agreed with one of his ministers that some Covid regulations appeared "inhumane" in retrospect, while arguing that another lockdown was impossible to rule out in the future.

Johnson also claimed that "a lot of nonsense" had been said about lockdown-breaking parties in Downing Street in an interview with GB News conducted by two backbench Tory MPs, Philip Davies and Esther McVey.

Davies and McVey, both lockdown sceptics, questioned the prime minister about comments made on Monday by Brexit opportunities minister Jacob Rees-Mogg, who said some lockdown rules were "unkind and inhumane."
When asked if he agreed, Johnson replied, "I do." Yes, I do. And I believe that some of them – I understand why people feel that way, and I believe that people felt that way in particular because of the loss of the ability to visit their loved ones in care homes or meet properly for funerals. It was truly appalling, to say nothing of the loss of religious services, which are so important to people's spirits. So I completely understand."

When asked if a full lockdown was possible in the future, Johnson said he couldn't rule it out, but that the primary focus would be "to go for the earliest possible programme of inoculation and vaccination."



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