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Opinion: If you thought Boris Johnson was bad, what’s to come will be even worse

This is about the Conservatives as well as Boris Johnson. Never forget either that we would not now be getting a new prime minister and a “new” government if Johnson hadn’t fouled up the comms over the Chris Pincher affair. A week ago, after he won the confidence vote, there was little serious effort going on to secure his imminent departure and every expectation that Johnson would wriggle and trick his way to the party conference and beyond. All those 50-plus ministers would never have resigned, never have wrestled with their consciences, never sent pompous letters about “integrity” if Johnson had published a factsheet and timeline about his dealings with Pincher soon after  The Sun  broke the story, a routine bit of Tory sleaze. They backed Johnson through the Dominic Cummings scandal, through the resignations of two ethics advisers, through the scandal of a party donor paying for the decoration of his flat, through the mishandling of the pandemic and the mismanaging of Brexit with a

BREAKING: Jellatech Reveals its First Animal-Free, Cell-Based Collagen

Today, June 27th,  Jellatech  reveals a major milestone in its  mission to eliminate animals from the food system, starting with collagen and gelatin: after just two years of existence, the North Carolina team announces  the successful development of a full-length, triple helical and functional collagen made from its own proprietary cell lines.  “ This is a major milestone for us. Being able to see our clean cell-based collagen with the naked eye – it brings happy tears.” Founded in 2020 by  Stephanie Michelsen , who was included on the  Forbes 30 Under 30  list for 2022, the company secured $2 million in seed funding last year and just recently received a strategic investment from cellular-focused VC firm CULT Food Sciences. Collagen —  a by-product of the meat industry —  is widely used across various categories in a highly lucrative market totalling around $8.4 billion. Demand for the ingredient is increasing due to its common usage in  food texturizers, vaccine stabilizers, pill ca